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John Gardner Chapter: April 7, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Introduction of Members, Welcome Guests and New Members

Dan Nelson, Dane Rochelle, Ellie Czarnowski, Bill Rutherford, Bill Armitage, Phil Behney, George Spragg, Kate Spragg, David Tang, Jim Clark, were present.

Minutes from March 2017 Meeting

Members present unanimously voted to accept the Minutes for 05 March 2017 as posted on the JGTSCA Website. See online at:

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Ellie Czarnowski presented her Report for period 05 March 2017 through 07 April 2016. Members present unanimously voted to accept the Report.

Old Business

1. Communications initiated with UConn since March 2017 meeting regarding the relationship between JGTSCA and UConn have been very positive, and there appears to be no fear of loosing the Club's valued long-standing use of the Boathouse building. UConn's representatives in these meetings have in fact expressed considerable interest in continuing and further developing this relationship. Ideas to this end include Pine Island Cleanup, Earth Day events, UConn's 50th Anniversary celebrations, and Student Internships involving the Club.

2. 2017 Woodenboat Show and Small Craft Workshop 30 June – 02 July 2017:

-Bill Rutherford and Dan Nelson met with Shannon McKenzie, who urged that the Club keep accurate records of attendees to the Workshop, including Members, Guests, and others partaking in the Small Craft proceedings at this year's Woodenboat Show
-Registration forms for the John Gardner Small Craft Workshop are on line at Mystic Seaport’s website. Registration includes the workshop and admission to the WoodenBoat Show for the weekend.
-Event will include “the usual things” we have come to expect in recent years, including group morning rows up and down the river throughout the weekend, presentations, and skills demonstrations by members
-32' Gantry Gig may attend from the Bristol RI TSCA chapter
-Naval Architect David Wyman is expected to attend and present at the Workshop
-Members are encouraged to consider offering presentations and further ideas for the event for consideration
-Phil Behney is primary organizer for bringing and returning the Club Dories to and from the weekend event; other Members' assistance will be gladly accepted and much appreciated
-Club member and Schooner Brilliant volunteer Dane Rochelle will be supervising the operation of Brilliant's tender Afterglow at various times throughout the weekend, in conjunction with the Small Craft Workshop, facilitating interested Workshop attendees' enjoyment of this beautiful and very well maintained little vessel, for short excursions and rowing experiences on the river during the Show; Afterglow deserves to have fun along with all her fellow Small Craft on a weekend like this! Come help put a smile on her face!
-Saturday night BBQ at Bill and Karen Rutherford's residence after the conclusion of Saturday's Show events, to enjoy delicious food, music, good cheer and camaraderie

3. Pine Island Cleanup will be 11am – 2pm Thursday 13 April 2017, with a cookout commencing at about noon
-Waiver forms will be required for persons participating on UConn vessels
-Ellie will be bringing hot dogs and burgers for the cookout
-Dan will be bringing the grill

4. Dan Nelson is considering/organizing a potential Club Mess-about for 13 May 2017; members are encouraged to bring their boats or join up with other members. Food and grill thoughts as well!

5. Google Groups test-drive to commence for Club event notification use; members should see upcoming emails from Dan Nelson and/or John Hacunda (resident Club IT Consultant)

6. SHOP QUE: Club Dories to shop for maintenance; Alan Barton's surfboard materials have arrived, and Alan and Steve will be working on their respective projects concurrently; Nelson/Rutherford Oar Project concluding successfully; Behney Whitehall project will be moving out of shop in near future as well

7. Club Members extend a big THANK YOU! to member John Hacunda for donation of fridge to shop equipment inventory

New Business

1. Phil Behney voiced interest in instigating a row from Dock Road in Uncasville south to Mamacoke for a visit, then hauling out at the Streeter Launch in Groton

2. Dane Rochelle reiterated interest in instigating several summer events, including: a visit to the Herreshoff Museum in Bristol, RI which opens 29 April 2017; a Club Mess-about at Great Island, Old Lyme; and potential row/sail/paddle outings further afield toward Narragansett Bay and perhaps beyond, pending member (and organizer) gumption levels and reality checks as the season progresses.

3. UCONN Earth Day Friday 21 April 2017, campus Green 1130am – 0130pm; rain location at nearby Student Union; Setup at 1100am; Volunteers welcome!

4. UCONN 50th Anniversary 15 October 2017? Club volunteers needed to attend table and open shop

5. Bob Chapin has donated plane and handsaw “tills” (tool racks) to the Club shop; Thank you Bob!

6. Club's June meeting will be on Sunday 04 June 2017; to include a Shop Orientation for members; bring Potluck items as usual AND an interest in partaking in a Small Boat Navigation theme as suggested by Dan Nelson recently; bring your tools, instruments, ideas, questions, anecdotes, expertise and enthusiasm to bear for this riveting potluck-workshop event! Sextants? Compasses? Backstaffs? Sunstones? GPS? Apps? Charts and Charting? True/Magnetic? Variation/Deviation? Required lighting? Radio Communications? Rules of the Road? Deductive Reckoning? Got Stars? Seat-o-the-pants or Trust Your Instruments? Which shall it be? Too much work? Nonsense! It's fascinating. Bring your curiosity, experiences, lessons learned, and toys to play with. Share what you know... or don't know. Fear not!

Next Meeting:
Friday 05 May 2017, 1730h

Motion to Adjourn
The meeting was adjourned at about 1930h.

Respectfully submitted,
Dane Rochelle JGTSCA Vice President, standing in for JGTSCA Secretary Steve Barton

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