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John Gardner Chapter: April 3, 2015 Meeting Minutes

JGTSCA President Ellie Czarnowski was in the Chair. She called the Meeting to order at 5:52pm.

Introduction of Members

Members Ellie Czarnowski, Peter Vermilya, John Symons, Bill Rutherford, Karen Rutherford, George Spragg, Will Iturrino, Andy Strode, Larry Magee, Phil Behney, Rob Pittaway, John Stambaugh, Sandy D’Esopo and Jim Clark were present.

1. Minutes from February 01, 2015 meeting

The Minutes for the 03/01/2015 Meeting, as published on the JGTSCA Website, were unanimously adopted.

2. Old Business

a. NINA, club building project.

Andy Strode stated that the spars were nearly finished, oarlock pads were being prepared, and that Bill Rutherford had volunteered to make oars.
There was discussion of how the boat should be painted. The transom and the thwarts are already bright. The outwales will also be bright. The topsides may be “JGTSCA Green” although there was no definite agreement on this.
George Spragg reminded members that the Wednesday sessions at the Avery Point shop were still meeting from 9am until 3pm and that any member who could stop by would be welcome.

b. Fleet Report and Club Fleet Maintenance.

Phil Behney reported that one club dory was now outside the Shop awaiting maintenance, one dory was at Phil’s house being used by him to row to work, while the two remaining dories were at the Mystic Shipyard East location. Sandy D’ESopo’s Chaisson dory will be moved from the concrete pad outside the shop to the old trailer location allowing a club dory to be worked on outside.

c. Shop Queue

The club dories have first priority for use of the club house over any member use. The member queue for use of the shop for private projects use is:
John Symons
Sandy D’Esopo
Phil Behney

d. Mamacoke Island Row

Phil Behney said that although he had scheduled a JGTSCA row to Mamacoke Island on April 26th, he had recently learned that Connecticut College was sponsoring a lecture tour at Mamacoke Island on April 25th, and he suggested members do the row on Saturday and join the lecture.
The Connecticut College Arboretum website provides the following information:

“Mamacoke Mysteries Revealed
Saturday, April 25, 10 a.m.-noon
Beverly Chomiak, Lecturer in Geology and Environmental Studies
Meet and park at the east end of Bentham Avenue (Waterford) just before the railroad tracks.
$5 members, $10 general public

Through the study of geology, we come to understand how the earth came to be. On this two hour hike, Beverly will uncover Mamacoke Island’s long and complex history. Participants will climb the island, from sand flats to rock-strewn summit, and learn the origins of many of its remarkable features. Wear sturdy shoes and long pants appropriate for hiking. This walk covers rugged terrain.”

e. Pine Island Cleanup w/ UConn marine sciences students Thursday 9-Apr

Ellie Czarnowski reported that approximately 24 students from UCONN/Avery Point, led by their instructor Syma, will clean up Pine Island. This is the Club’s opportunity to stay connected with the college. JGTSCA Members can ride over to the island on the UConn boat but must sign a liability waiver before the trip. Departure will be from 10:30 to 11:00. No JGTSCA dories will be involved. Some of the students will come over to the club house after the cleanup for a picnic lunch. Ellie can use some help cooking hotdogs and hamburgers. She will be picking up gloves and bags and water from Super Stop & Shop.

f. Cache In Trash Out (Earth Day Event) UConn EcoHuskies and the Groton Open Space Association (GOSA)

The EcoHuskies are partnering with GOSA to clean up Haley Farm Saturday 25th April from 10-2. JGTSCA was asked if it would like to join them and to use the club dories for gathering trash. After discussion, members present decided that the shoreline was not suitable for using the dories. Ellie will decline the offer.

Discussion of the two prior items brought up the CONNYak website with its links to launch sites for small craft:

3. New Business


Thanks to John Symons and Bill Armitage, there is major progress on the SUSAN B. HOLLAND. The interior has a full coat of JGTSCA green and the foot risers are about to be installed.
The rack in the west end of the shop is ready to receive the SUSAN B. HOLLAND once the lumber on it is relocated and the boat is painted. Bill Armitage and his friend from New Zeeland will use it this summer for a rowing expedition.

b. June Tag Sale

Ellie Czarnowski encouraged all members to scour their collection of nautical cultch for items which could be sold at the June JGTSCA tag sale. John Hacunda ordinarily lists the sale on Craig’s List.

c. Establishing an regular event series:

Ellie Czarnowski reported that the JGTSCA Executive Committee had discussed the concept that, during the summer, the club could sponsor an event series which would occur on a regular basis at a given location. Peter Vermilya elaborated, saying that, for example, the event could be held once a week on a regular given day or only twice a month. The location would be at a fixed place. The event could be open to all small craft, row, paddle or sail. A club member would need to be on hand to lead the event. The event series could be advertised in local community calendars published by the Day and the Sun. The concept needs development but shows promise as an outreach effort.

d. Non-on-the-water Excursions.

The Executive Committee also discussed club trips to:
i. The MAYFLOWER, at Mystic Seaport (MSM). Available for tours until 4/14. She goes back in the water on the 15th.
ii. The MSM Watercraft Collection.
iii. Local area boat shops
iv. International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS).

e. Communication

Ellie Czarnowski reported that the Executive Committee discussed at its meeting the advantages of talking with the Groton and Mystic Chambers of Commerce about the various JGTSCA activities.
Perhaps the Mystic Seaport could support the Club on the Museum’s website.
The Winter Solstice should be publicized in the local Community events calendars published by the Day and the Sun.

UConn is hosting another Earth Day fair, Thursday April 23rd from 11-1 pm. Setup starts at 10:30. John Symons and Sandy D’Esopo offered to man a table. Table and chairs will be provided by the school. Event will be on the lawn, if raining it will be in the student center. There was discussion about having a dory with oars and/or the Nina as a presentation of our work.

f. Hats, Mugs

The Executive Committee discussed the possibility of having mugs and hats made with the JGTSCA logo on them. They have found prices ranging from $6.75 per hat for a quantity of 72 hats to $25.00 for a single hat. No figures on mugs, yet. There may have been at least three different logos used by the club in the past. Members are encouraged to design alternative logos.

Hats or mugs could be given to people who present at JGTSCA functions as well as sold to members and other interested parties. The Executive Committee will continue to pursue this issue

4. Correspondence

The Club received membership renewals from Jim McGuire and Brian Mitsch by mail.

5. Treasurers Report

Treasurer John Symons reported a Bank Balance of $4128.18 and said that there were 42 paid up members for 2015. The Treasurer’s Report was unanimously adopted.

6. 2015 Activities:

Pine Island Cleanup with UConn students Thursday 9 April (waivers to be signed)
Row and lecture at Mamacoke Island (contact Phil) Saturday 25 April

Business meeting Friday 1 May, 5:30 Pot Luck supper

Business meeting and Prep for Tag Sale Friday 5:30 Pot Luck Supper
Annual Tag Sale Saturday 6th 8-1pm (Sale starts at 9am)
WoodenBoat Show and Small Craft Workshop 26th-28th

July – August
Beach picnic and row/sail. The Ophelia will be available to sail. Time and place TBD
Business meetings TBD

September – October
Row the Lieutenant River in Old Lyme, Lunch at the Morning Glory Café.

Bill Rutherford said that Mystic Seaport was looking for volunteers to up-rig the AMISTAD. Further details can be obtained on the MSM website.

8. Motion to Adjourn
A motion to adjourn was unanimously adopted at 6:53pm

Respectfully submitted,
Peter Vermilya, JGTSCA Secretary

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