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John Gardner Chapter: April 7, 2013 Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Philip Behney at 1:42 pm.

1. Introductions

Each person present introduced himself/herself. 14 members were present.

2. Minutes:

The reading of the March 3, 2013 Minutes was waived. The Minutes were accepted as presented on the JGTSCA Website.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

The Treasurers report was presented by Karen Rutherford, Treasurer. It was accepted as presented and is attached to these Minutes. The current bank balance is $5848.92 as of 4/10/13.

4. Old Business:

a. Private Shop Projects:

Bill Armitage reported that his boat is now completely out of the shop. Phil Behney’s Whitehall is in the shop.

b. Shop Queue: John Symons (July 1), Sandy D’Esopo (October 1), and Ellie Czarnowski (January 1).

c. All four club dories are finished with their conversions or maintenance and are located at the Mystic Shipyard East location.

d. Donated equipment: Bill Armitage reported that the three stationary shop tools donated to the JGTSCA by the Waterford School System have been successfully sold.

e. Phil Behney left a message with the buyer of the table saw who had said he would donate his old table saw to the JGTSCA. The donor has not returned the call and Phil does not think it worthwhile to pursue further.

f. Bill Armitage purchased two battery powered drills for shop use.

g. Club Shop Project NINA:

Four molds are completed. One more mold needs to be got out, after which the strong back/base is next.

h. President Behney said that the overall neatness of the shop has improved.

5. New Business

a. Committee Reports:

i. Pine Island Cleanup:

• The next regular JGTSCA business meeting will be the Pine Island Clean Up. Meet at 10:00am at the Bayberry St launch ramp or earlier at the Avery Point Club House. Read Phil Behney’s “Update” e-mails for the latest details.
• John Hacunda reported that he had been in contact with Allen Iott, the new head of the Groton Sea Scouts, and that the scouts will be participating in the cleanup. John will get a head count for food planning purposes.
• John has also been in contact with Shop Rite. Shop Rite will supply gloves, garbage bags and cookies. The club and individual members will donate the food for the cookout. Ellie Czarnowski volunteered to pick up food items on the Friday night before the event.
• Phil Behney asked members to bring extra grills.
• Phil Behney suggested that some people should be asked to be on hand at the club house to start cooking the food before the diners arrive.
• George Spragg and Andy Strode will handle the disposal of the trash picked up on the island.
• Ellie Czarnowski has been in contact with Syma Ebbins, a faculty member of the UCONN Avery Point Marine Sciences department. Ms. Ebbins does a cleanup of Pine Island with one of her classes after which the class does an analysis of what they have found. This clean up usually takes place 2-3 weeks prior to the JGTSCA event and will not conflict with the JGTSCA event.
• Ms Ebbins mentioned that there is an Ecology Club attached to the Avery Point campus and that the club would be willing to partner with JGTSCA in future beach clean ups similar to the Pine Island Clean up.
• Phil Behney will arrange boat transportation to (and back from) Pine Island.

ii. John Gardner Small Craft Workshop (JGSCW):

• Bill Rutherford reported that planning was successfully underway for the JG SCW, to be held June 28, 29 and 30, 2013, from 9am to 5pm, at Mystic Seaport Museum in conjunction with the 2013 WoodenBoat Show. Several workshops have been finalized or are in process, including one on sculling and possibly one on sharpening tools. The public, if qualified, will have free use of the MSM Boathouse boats.
• There will be a row up or down the river, Saturday and Sunday, at 8am.
• Bill called for people to volunteer to do additional workshops or demonstrations and to man the TSCA booth (2 hour shifts) which will be located on the Australia beach, the location of the JGSCW.
• Bill will be meeting with Dave Wyman and Mystic Seaport Museum staff this Monday. Dave is leading the national TSCA effort for JGSCW planning.
• Per the March JGTSCA business meeting minutes, Jim Clark and John Symons have volunteered to deliver and monitor the club dories and the Susan B. Holland at the JGTSCA.

iii. Annual Tag Sale:

The Annual Tag Sale, organized by John Symons, is scheduled for June 8, the second Saturday in June. Items must be priced in advance by the donor. If a donated item does not sell and the donor does not retrieve the item, it may go to the dump. If a donor leaves an item on consignment and the price is negotiable, the donor must stay on hand to do the negotiating. No items will be sold prior to the new opening time which is 8am. The Sale, located at the JGTSCA Boat house, will end at 12 noon.

iv. Trips/Outings:

John Symons suggested a row on Gardners Lake, located near Salem CT. John said that there was a good put-in place and parking lot. Although no definite date was set, late May or early June, possibly the 2nd Saturday, looked good.
John also suggested a club outing to Fishers Island to visit the Ferguson Museum. The Museum, in cooperation with the Custom House Maritime Museum of New London, is opening, on June 29th, an exhibit on the building and history of the Race Rock light. Rowing to the island was discussed but no date was set.

6. Calendar of Events:

The existing list of events was reviewed and a number of additional items were discussed:

1) May 18, 8:30am (registration)
Fort Port Channel Open
Open-Water Rowing Races in the Heart of Downtown Boston
Barking Crab Docks, Boston
For more info: 781-925-5433

2) May 11, 9am
Essex River Race
Essex, MA
The Essex River Race is a 5.5+ mile open water event from the Essex River at Route 133 in Essex, out behind the barrier beaches of Ipswich and back.

3) Sept 20-22, Maritime Festival, 10am – 4pm
Greenport, NY

4) Possible tour in Fall of 2013 of the RV CT with Captain Dan in the Fall.

7. The meeting was adjourned at 2:22pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter Vermilya, TSCA Secretary

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