Building the Martin Skiff

Lofting the skiff


Rob explains construction of mold
Rob Pittaway explains the construction of the mold.

Winslow measures the first station

Winslow Benhey and Bob Heon measure for one of the stations.


The mold begins

Beginning to construct the mold

the completed mold

The nearly finished mold

Tim and Russell Smith

Tim Weaver and Russell Smith

Mark cooks the hamburgers

Mark Snyder prepares the burgers & dogs

Russell applies sealant to the bottom
Russell applies marine sealant before attaching the bottom.
(12/26/2000 Photos by Larry Magee)

checking the bottom fit
Russell, Phil Benhey, and Winslow check the fit of the bottom

attaching the transom

Winslow and Russell attach the bottom at the transom.

checking the bottom fit

Phil checks the fit as Winslow looks on.

Russell Smith admires the bottom of the skiff
Russell looks like he thinks the bottom went on perfectly.
Larry applies small plane to the garboard
Larry Magee planes the garboard.

Rob uses a square to check the garboard
Rob Pittaway check Larry's work on the garboard.

The garboard is clamped to the mold

Rob, Geoff, and Winslow consider the fit of the garboard.

Several children admire the skiff

Everyone helps add the planks

all four planks have been added

The final plank is on

We admire the skiff just off the mold

Phil, Winslow and Rob have just lifted the skiff off the mold ( May 11, 2001)

skiff gets turned over for first time

The skiff gets it's first turn over

Rob Pittaway inspects the hull

Now what do we do?

Rob and Winslow begin hammering the first rivit
Rob and Winslow begin work on the rivits

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