Mystic Seaport waterfront

My Last Chance to Be a Boy

Through the Brazilian Wilderness

Last Chance design by John Gardiner of Vancouver, BC

Boat assembly photos


New Craft Begins to Take Shape

Bill Armitage has started work on his new craft - a stitch and glue construction based on an Adirondack Guideboat. The sleek boat (see computer generated image below) has some nifty lines which should make her a very fast rower. The design of the Last Chance is by John Gardiner of Vancouver, BC

Bill plans to row the craft in the Blackburn Challenge, a 20 plus mile endurance race around Cape Ann. A proposed name for the boat is "Last Chance" in honor of the spirit of adventure evidenced by Teddy Roosevelt in his 1913-1914 expedition down the River of Doubt in Brazil.

New Craft

Bill works the on the elevations for the bottom rocker pattern. The pattern will be used to create the upward curve of the keel line over its length. The boat will be constructed on a strong back assembly.

Bill works on elevations

Close up view of the rocker elevations

Close-up of elevations

Bill and Don measure the locations for drilling holes.

Bill and Phil Discussing the Route

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