Launching Jane - The Sailing Version of the Avery Point Dory

February 28, 2004 Cameron Taylor, Robert Pitaway and Ian Doren completed their work on the sail arrangement for Jane, the first Avery Point Dory built by John Gardner TSCA members.

Jane - Avery Point Dory

A view of Jane from the front. This is the prototype of the Avery Dories the John Gardner TSCA Chapter is planning to build.

The day these photos were taken, several of the JGTSCA members came to the Chapter building to build two of what will become a fleet of several Avery Point Dories.

The characters (left to right) are Cameron Taylor, graphic artist, Rob Pittaway boat designer, and Lea Doran, sail maker.

Rob designed the sprit rig and sail, Lea made the sail, and Cameron added several graphic designs for the transom, sail, and oars. I believe Rob and Cameron designed and built the lovely oars.

Launch of the Avery Point dory Jane with Cameron as skipper, Rob and Dane (who just happened to stop by the club this day) giving a little push.

Launching Jane
Jane Under Sail

First sail, heading toward JGTSCA chapter boat house (white building ahead on the shore).

Jane Sailing

Cameron heading east toward the shore in a pretty strong wind.

Rowing Jane

After sailing to the east, Cameron would row west. The boat rows very nicely. Since we don't have a rudder or a centerboard on the Jane, Cameron basically sailed downwind and rowed up wind.

Jane Flying Under Sail

Cameron heading back to the beach at a pretty good clip.

A happy Cameron about to run up on the beach. He was quite excited with the sail and wanted to go out again, but the rest of us were getting cold so we wheeled Jane back to the club house. Successful day!

Jane Landing on Beach

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