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Hull Lifesaving Museum

The headquarters of the Hull Lifesaving Museum is located at the Point Allerton U.S. Life-Saving Station in Hull, MA. The museum exhibits are open to the public year round.

The Hull Lifesaving Museum, the museum of Boston Harbor Heritage, preserves the region's lifesaving tradition and maritime culture through collections, exhibits, experiential and interpretive education, research and service to others.

The museum's open water rowing programs in Boston Harbor educate young people about themselves while developing a constituency that takes stewardship for its maritime history. The deeds, traditions, and ethics of 19th century coastal lifesavers--Skills, Courage, and Caring--are the foundation of the museum's exhibits and programs, and its underlying commitment to working to impact society, and individual lives, for the better.



Head of the Weir
October 31, 2009

The Head of the Weir race was held on Halloween in rowing conditions that could be described as a bit spooky. A brisk autumn wind had whipped up Hingham Bay into a white-capped frenzy. In fact, the rough seas forced some of the boats off the race course. However, the Ledyard Community Rowing crew, trained by Russell Smith, was able to complete the course and finish in first place for their class.

The 5.5 mile race is a fall tradition sponsored by the Hull Lifesaving Museum. The race starts at the Head of the Weir River in Hingham, traverses Hingham Bay, and then finishes near Hull gut. A post-race celebration is held at the boat house in Hull.

The Ledyard Community Rowing program is organized by Russell Smith. Russ has been very busy doing dual duty as both the JGTSCA President and Director of the Ledyard Community Rowing program. Russell prepared his coed crew of high school aged rowers with instruction on rowing techniques and weekly rowing practices.

The JGTSCA is proud to be a sponsor of the Ledyard Community Rowing program which helps promote fitness, teamwork, and an appreciation of our maritime heritage in the younger generation.

Some of the Ledyard crew poses in their Viking-themed outfits

Ledyard crew prepares to launch their gig
Ledyard crew prepares to launch their gig

Anticipation builds as boats line up at the start of the Head of the Weir
Anticipation builds as boats line up at the start of the Head of the Weir

Gig crew from Ledyard, CT at Head of the Weir Race, 2008
The gig crew from Ledyard, CT coached by Russ Smith

All sorts of craft participate in Head of the Weir Race, 2008
Russell in Viking regalia is on board to share his experience with his novice crew

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