Russ Smith Caulking Boat

Hull Lifesaving Museum
Hull Lifesaving Museum

The Hull Lifesaving Museum, the museum of Boston Harbor Heritage, preserves the region's lifesaving tradition and maritime culure through collections, exhibits, experiential and interpretive education, research and service to others.

The museum's open water rowing programs in Boston Harbor educate young people about themselves while developing a constituency that takes stewardship for its maritime history. The deeds, traditions, and ethics of 19th century coastal lifesavers--Skills, Courage, and Caring--are the foundation of the museum's exhibits and programs, and its underlying commitment to working to impact society, and individual lives, for the better.

Hull Lifesaving Museum



2008 Brewster Raid
Greater Brewster Island, Boston Harbor

Russell Smith and a group of adventurous rowers took part in the 2008 Brewster Raid which involved rowing from Hull, MA to Greater Brewster Island in Boston Harbor with an overnight campout. The event was organized by the Hull Lifesaving Museum.

The rowers are part of the Ledyard Parks and Recreation rowing program that Russ has organized.

Group picture
Team gathers for group picture

Brewster Raid
Gigs row in foggy Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor row
Russ (right) keeps the rowers on course

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