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Boathouse Activity Heats Up as the Weather Cools Down

As the sweltering summer weather gives way to cooler, dryer fall days, JGTSCA members are re-energized as they tackle a variety of projects in the boathouse. During a recent Friday night session, the boathouse was a beehive of activity.

Rob Pittaway and Wil Iturrino worked diligently attaching oar leathers to several new sets of oars. George Spragg was adding the covering to his wooden canoe. Russell Smith and Bob Reed were busy performing maintenance on the club dories. Andy Strode, Sandy D’Esopo, and John Hacunda worked on the new skiff. Bill Armitage and Paul Robertson were planing wood in preparation for the next boat project.

Rob Pittaway and Wil Iturrino proudly display the sewing job for an oar leather

Rob Pittaway and Wil Iturriino

Andy Strode and Sandy D’Esopo work on the frames for the skiff

Andy Strode and Sandy D’Esopo

Bob Reed drills a drain plug hole in the Avery Point dory as Russell Smith watches

Russell Smith and Bob Reed

George Spragg works the spokeshave

George Spragg

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