The American Star Race
at Floating the Apple
Pier 40 on the Hudson River, Manhattan, NY
December 9, 2001

Inside the Floting The Apple shop

That's Russell Smith, Bill Armitage, and Cameron Taylor from the John Gardner TSCA in the Floating The Apple Community Boat House when they first arrived.

boat being loaded into a container

This picture shows just one of the creative things Floating The Apple has developed over the years. Since storage space was at a premium they used containers (like those used on trucks or train cars) to store their many boats. **

Another innovative creation that the FTA came up with are cradles like you see here. The cradles comes apart so they can be transported in a car or truck

wooden cradle with rubber wheels

Here you can see that they can lower the boats onto the cradles and easily move the boats along the pier.



A big part of the day was the race heats. Floating the Apple provided many of the boats and rowers came from all over the Northeast. The boats raced from Pier 40 where the FTA clubhouse is located to another pier on the Hudson much further South. Then they'd turn around and race back. Can't tell which people are racing in these pictures

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